Recommended Reads.

Whenever you need information to help guide you along your path, all you need to do is ask. Ask for guidance to help you along your path for your Highest Good and watch how all you need effortlessly presents itself to you - some times this will be by a book that stands out so clearly from the rest, it might be gifted to you and feel so right (or so wrong), you might find yourself feeling inspired to browse a book store with no known intention and walk past a book that rushes tingles all over your body.  Some books are for comfort, some for inspiration, and some for guidance, whatever finds you just make sure you always filter what does and does not resonate with your own life path.

Below are books that have all left powerful imprints on my own life experience thus far.

Estes, C.P. 1996, Women Who Run With The Wolves

Estes, C.P. 1996, Women Who Run With The Wolves



When I first bought this book I could not understand it, I tried to get drawn in for a couple of chapters without success, so I put it away and forgot about it for close to two years! I was not ready for it. One day, two years later, I saw it on my shelf and it had a magnetic pull, I picked it up and entered into another world as I started reading, it felt like the book was written for me in that exact moment of my life, a personal guide book, I could relate to the stories I was reading, and each time I experienced something in my life that I needed clarity on, the book seemed to call me. I found myself reading this book over a period of two years, it went like this: the book would call me (I felt a pull towards picking it up), I would read, I felt soothed, empowered by the clarity, and sometimes horrified by the words, it felt like Clarissa Pinkola Estes was talking directly to me, she was guiding me through my life experiences at each moment that the book called me, helping me gain clarity on why I was experiencing certain things in my own reality, I would put the book down and allow myself time to digest the information - then again it would call me, I would pick it up, start reading and feel what I was reading was again perfect for that moment of time, the guidance was so surreal because of the Divine timing of it. It took me a period of about two years to finish the book, it would call me, I would read, and then I would put it aside, allowing myself enough time to digest the power of what I had read each time. I recommend this book to every woman, in order to help gain a deeper awareness of being a woman, our needs, our pitfalls, and desires are all explained so clearly through the power of story telling.


Naomi Wolf explains spectacularly the connection between our brain and vagina, with her own observations/experiences, backed up by scientific studies. This is a must read for all women, and men. It helps us see why there is such a strong cultural fear of women being raped, I have had this, and I continue to see other women in my circles with this underlying fear, there is no doubt a conscious and subconscious cultural conditioning with this fear – this book raises an awareness to this while simultaneously inspiring the reader to celebrate everything about their vagina and their sexual experiences. It will be no surprise if we experience a cultural revolution of women celebrating their vaginas and sexuality, understanding the powerful connection between their sex life and creative life, sex is part of our creative expression, our sexuality plays a massive part in our expression of self, and the way we experience the world. Empowering read, highly recommend.

Wolf, N 2013, Vagina, A New Biography

Wolf, N 2013, Vagina, A New Biography


I highly recommend this read for both women and men, David Deida articulates the difference between our masculine and feminine energies so well, as well as the difference between men with predominant masculine, or predominant feminine, or neutral energies. I could not put this book down, I experienced many ‘ah ha’ moments throughout this book, it gave me so much clarity on the qualities I appreciate in men as lovers, and also allowed me to see myself through new eyes, I now understand more of my traits, what is more natural for me/allows me to feel more relaxed and joyous with myself, and when sharing myself with others (friends and/or lovers etc.) Great tool for understanding ourselves in relationship/s!