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Child of The Earth Made of Love

Rhodonite Heart Extra Large

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Gorgeous extra large gemmy pink Rhodonite Heart, this heart has beautiful rich colouring and large golden flakes as well as rainbows throughout its surface.


Rhodonite showed me it is a great support for healing emotional grief and loss, it works on healing our hearts while grounding our heart into Earth, supporting us as we move through big emotions of our hearts, anchoring us into Earth so we do not flee due to the overwhelm of emotions. Rhodonite helps us to heal our hearts while staying grounded and present on Earth – many of us have a tendency to want to leave when life feels overwhelming, this stone supports us to stay here while we move through and heal pain of our precious hearts. (This is a great support for anyone experiencing the death/loss of a loved one).

It is also said that Rhodonite encourages using one's gifts and talents for the benefit of the community. This path of generosity often offers greater satisfaction than any amount of receiving what one wants. Rhodonite attracts the people and situations best suited for ones unique talents, and in so using them, one can experience fulfilment of the deep desire to love and be loved.

H 8.4cm

W 9cm

D 3.2cm