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Child of The Earth Made of Love

Herkimer Diamond AAA Crystal Necklace with Sterling Silver Clasp

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Clasp Metal

Stunning AAA Grade high clarity Herkimer Diamond necklace with sterling silver clasp. Handmade crystal necklace.

9ct yellow gold clasp necklace can be custom handmade for you, if you prefer gold over silver.

The herkimer diamond crystals are pristine, ultra high quality crystals that sparkle with grace.

This herkimer diamond necklace has been handmade with the highest quality AAA Herkimer Diamonds and highest quality beadalon wire of 49 strands of stainless steel, plated with sterling silver.

Herkimer Diamonds emanate a high, harmonious energy, and help purify our energy field. Herkimer Diamonds can support us with enlightenment, Spiritual growth, and telepathic communication. They are a valuable crystal to have in our aura. 

Necklace total length is 43cm

Handmade in Rileys Hill NSW, on Bundjalung Country.