In a Shamanic Medicine Drum Ceremony we use the beat of the medicine drum as a tool to journey into your subconcious, to meet with your Spirit, your Inner Child, to show you your Truth. In this space you are able to see what state of being your Spirit is in, and consciously work to align and/or remedy what your Spirit expresses to you through your Inner Child – our wounding happens with our inner child, and our power through embodying the woman or man we are destined to be, for the two to meet and create their own unity and harmony together is miraculous, so simple, and so powerful. 

When our Inner Child is wounded we are able to meet the child with our own woman or man, as friend, or as mother, or father etc. We are able to meet the child in the way that her/his heart desires to be met, we meet the needs of our Spirit in a way that allows our Spirit to feel safe to express itself authentically – a process that naturally aligns our conscious mind with our Spirit, and then sees our body manifest such an alignment (aligning the trinity of mind, body Spirit into wholeness and wellness).

We may find our Inner Child does not need any remedy, it simply shows us it is in joy, and other times, it may show us grief, sadness, it may show us a key memory that has imprinted a pattern into our life, and through this awareness we gain the power to create change.

The Medicine Drum Ceremony is simple and relatively effortless, we go straight to the source to discover what needs to be seen or understood in order to birth our own unique remedy.

In the Medicine Drum Ceremony we also work with the Element of Fire to transmute energies, we clear any interfering energies and/or entities and we call in the Power of your I Am Presence. From this space we create an anchor for you, an anchor of energy that allows you to recognise your authentic self, your empowered being, you will understand how it feels to be in your full power, and your Truth. This anchor is an incredible tool for self-checking in the future, you will learn to recognise when you are aligned with your Truth, your Spirit and are livening empowered, so you may choose to align with this state of being in all moments (awareness is our power for change).

AVAILABILITY: In Person, Brunswick Heads NSW Australia (the most potent way of experiencing these ceremonies is in person).


Online via Zoom.

REQUIREMENTS: Basic level of quieting the mind in order to be able to journey to the subconscious. If online, a candle and matches to light the candle.


In person AU $110

Online AU $75


I recently experienced Sarah’s gifts of emotional sensitivity, self-mastery and Shamanic tool facilitation during a medicine drum/inner child connection ceremony that took place outside, near my home. 

This ceremony/session unfolded during a time when I was feeling strongly challenged and unsettled by a relationship in my life, and I really felt I needed the support of someone who could help me to return to my centre again.  

I loved being outside in the elements, beside a creek and a ceremonial fire that we built together. I feel that in a relatively short space of time, guided by Sarah’s support, I was able to dive within myself, drop away from the dramas that had arisen in my outer life and reconnect with my inner truth. 

After my session with Sarah, I felt a great sense of clarity, self-love and self-responsibility alive within myself.  This was really empowering for me to experience, and the best thing is I still feel this way almost two weeks later!    

I can highly recommend a session with Sarah for anyone who feels they would benefit from her sensitive, intuitive, deeply wise and centred support to return to their true nature. 

Nicola, Northern NSW


Is it possible that we gently touched on an ancient pain of a familial ancestral line that created the space required for deep everlasting healing & change and an embodiment of possibilities once never known? Because that’s what I experienced from one drum journey with Sarah. She weaves the kind of sweet magic we’re all here for; the kind we have no business in not practicing every day of our lives. I was holding a prayer for family healing. My now reality is my family healed. Thank you Sarah, my compassionate, loving, vibrant Guide. ♥️

Tahlia, Northern NSW

It really shifted so much for me, incredibly powerful. I’m still feeling so blissed out and grateful for yesterday. I feel so different and so much stronger it’s amazing, thank you so much for guiding me.

Hannah, Northern NSW



We meet once a week online for 5 or 10 weeks. The intention is to create a container for you to transform in, we will navigate this together through sharing what is alive for you in these moments and what your heart may be wanting to open more of.
The main focus is to create a stronger/clearer connection with your Spirit, meeting your True Nature, and healing any experiences or relationships which may be impacting how you show up in this life, giving you more courage to express yourself authentically, create what it is your heart wants to experience and start living a more rich life!
Nothing is too big or shameful to share, my intention is to create a safe space for you to be witnessed and experience the miracles that come from sharing what needs to be expressed and moved through.
I have journeyed my depths of shame and guilt within my own consciousness specifically of my sexuality and body, I have been through my 'dark night of the soul' and emerged with a richer appreciation for life and humble compassion for all of humankind.
I am here to support you in your journey, so that you may experience a richer experience of life too. If this sparks your curiosity or interests you, please e-mail me or use the contact me form, with your name and interest.

Available:  In person, Brunswick Heads NSW Australia


Online, via Zoom

Exchange: 1 hour weekly session together, introduction e-mail and weekly exercises or challenges. Depending on our time commitment and what comes up in each session there may be extra e-mails sent to you.

Please e-mail me your interest and I'll organise a call with you to see if we are a good fit for each other


I’ve had many healing sessions with Sarah and have found each one profound, transformational and incredibly grounding. Each time I get something different - and often I’m surprised by what she offers! And yet each time Sarah sees exactly what I need physically, emotionally and spiritually, regardless of how the challenge is manifesting. What I love most about the sessions is she shows me how to heal myself and I leave feeling totally empowered to continue on my own unique path.

Vanessa, Coogee NSW