I am not offering any medical advice in this post. I am simply sharing the method of performing a liver and gallbladder flush, which I have performed four times in my life so far and found to be of great benefit to my overall health, my digestion, and have seen physical improvements in my skin and eyes. I have no existing medical condition and generally eat a balanced vegetarian diet, and exercise moderately, so please consider your own lifestyle, level of fitness, trust in intuition, and if you feel inspired by this experience for your path - if you’re not certain, or you have any pre-existing medical conditions, or are pregnant I highly recommend you consult your holistic health care practitioner before completing a liver and gallbladder flush.

Our liver is our largest internal organ, it is our biggest and most important filter, our gallbladder produces bile which is what helps us break down fat, the condition of both these organs determines a lot of our mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Emotionally the liver is linked to anger, it is quite normal when cleansing for feelings of anger and/or frustration to arise, they are a normal sign of cleansing, the best way to move through this, is to acknowledge the emotions and then simply let them express themselves and pass through (without directing them at anyone else), time in Nature is a great way to soothe our emotions and bring us back into harmony, a walk in the bush, a soak in the ocean, a lie down on the sand, a moment of feeling the wind and seeing the trees.


I feel a two week preparation period is quite beneficial for the body and overall health by eating a healthy wholefood and high fibrous diet, with limited amount of fat for two weeks, as well as no alcohol and no party drugs. Although the flush process is relatively effortless, the liver and gallbladder work really hard internally, so we want to be easy on them. It is also suggested to include daily apple juice (organic is best), and/or raw apple cider vinegar (organic is best). The malic acid in apples is said to help open the bile ducts in order to release gall stones, some sources say the malic acid actually softens the gallstones making them easier to move through the gallbladder - regardless, I have noticed a difference in larger stones being released when including apple juice into my preparation regime, however it also is not 100% necessary, as the epsom salt technically does the same job - the apple juice is recommended for an optimal flush. Use your intuition with how much apple juice to include, I personally find juice works really well for me on an empty stomach, so I prefer to enjoy mine in the morning or early afternoon, a few hours after I’ve had lunch.


The couple of days leading up to the flush are the most important and should definitely include fibrous plant-based foods (fruit and vegetables), avoiding non-fibrous meats, wheat, fats and dairy, in order for our bodies to cleanse we need to be hydrated, drinking plenty of purified or spring water is vital BEFORE and AFTER this flush.

Day ONE  AVOID ALL FATS, eat a plant-based breakfast and light lunch, then from 2pm fast from food. Drink plenty of purified/spring water to stay hydrated.

5pm  Drink one glass of purified water mixed with 1 - 2 teaspoon of epsom salt (it works with 1 tsp and with 2, I’ve done both, if I haven’t drunk a lot of apple juice leading up to the cleanse I opt for 2 tsp).

7pm  Repeat, drink one glass of purified water mixed with 1 - 2 teaspoon of epsom salt.

9pm  Mix 1/2 cup of freshly squeezed organic grapefruit (or lemon) juice with 1/2 cup of organic cold-pressed olive oil, drink and lay straight down to rest. DO NOT sleep on your stomach, It is best to sleep on your back or left side, some sources claim the right side, I’ve personally only ever slept on my back or left side and the flush has worked.


6am  Drink one glass of purified water mixed with 1 - 2 teaspoon of epsom salt 

8am  Repeat, drink one glass of purified water mixed with 1 - 2 teaspoon of epsom salt 

Your body will almost instantly start to feel the urge to go to the toilet after this final glass of epsom salt water, relax and let your body guide you.

AFTER you have finished flushing out stones, it is a really good idea to do another salt flush, that will clear out any stones that have not completely exited the body.

SALT FLUSH - mix 1 tablespoon of pink Himalayan or Celtic sea salt to 1 L of room temperature purified/spring water. Drink it all within 15 minutes (this can be a little bit of a mind game the first few times you perform a salt flush, your mind says no no no, yuk yuk yuk, but if you breathe and just trust your body to do the guiding, it goes down much easier). Don’t be concerned if you purge the salt water from your mouth, you’ve just given your throat a nice cleanse! However we want to make sure we drink the salt water so it cleanses and flushes out our digestive tract, so if you purged it, gently see if you are able to drink some more, in order to have consumed at least 750ml. Again relax your mind and body, I usually meditate for a little bit, then walk around, you will feel the urge to go to the toilet - don’t ignore it, go. Allow approximately 1 - 2 hours depending on your body to process and complete the flush. In some cases most likely if the body is deficient in minerals, the body will hold on to the salt water, this has only ever happened to me once, and I’ve completed more than 30 salt flushes in my life.

About 20 minutes after your final need to go to the toilet, it is a good idea to start drinking purified/ spring water.

It is vital that you keep hydrating your body for the rest of the day, it will be quite dehydrated and needs the fluids to help move out any toxins that have surfaced and are lingering. Slowly introduce food back into your system. A good idea is to start with a nice organic juice, then work your way to a smoothie (if you feel hungry), I really like organic warm rice with some steam veggies, either apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, and sauerkraut. Fermented foods are great to introduce into the system after this cleanse, as they are loaded with enzymes, good bacteria and all round benefit the digestive system.

Eating easy-to digest and organic meals gives a helping hand to your digestive system which has just undergone intense work. Do not underestimate how hard your body has worked during this cleanse, it is important to get plenty of rest, drink plenty of clean water, and ease your way back onto solid food. 


Personally these flushes have helped my digestion in unimaginable ways, I found it hard to tolerate fats in my diet such as nuts, tahini, cheese, and chocolate (cacao / cacao butter based chocolate, do not even want to go down the path of the conventional super refined processed chocolate bars, with an ingredient list so long and complicated it just isn’t worth it). I also found it hard to digest large meals, I had a few years in my twenties where I was quite lost with what to eat and not to eat, I thought I was a healthy person, living a healthy lifestyle but somehow my digestive system told me otherwise. My curiosity and intuition led me to liver flushes, which were also supported by my Ayurvedic doctor and chiropractor, they and I, noticed a big difference in my overall health after I performed them. Just recently I have felt inspired to perform some more periodic cleansing, I really value vibrant health, feeling strong and joyful, and I have found periodic cleansing offers me this. So these cleanses are not about living longer, rather they are inspired by living a more vibrant and joyful life (however long or short that is).

Physically I have also have noticed significantly less eye wrinkles, my eyes seem to shine more, the whites of my eyes became more white (a yellowish colour in the eyes can suggest a toxic liver), my senses amplified - especially out in Nature, such a mind blowing experience, Nature creates a sense of bliss amongst all of the bodily senses (I cannot guarantee this happens for others, but I definitely experience it with all of my cleansing practices! Yoga and meditation offers this too, however it seems even more powerful after a physical cleanse like the liver/gall bladder flush).

The days succeeding the flush, my digestion feels GREAT! The food I’m eating is getting digested, my stomach has no complaints, I’ve been enjoying mainly smoothies (with psyllium husk, a great source of fibre that swells up and cleans the colon), fresh fruit, chia seed puddings, raw honey, rice, steamed veg, salad, sauerkraut, kombucha,lots of raw apple cider vinegar, chai with coconut milk, and a bit of coconut yoghurt in my breakfast and dinner. I had a little bit of organic cheese last night, it is probably ideal to wait a week before having something like cheese, but I felt inspired by it and happy with my digestion so went for it.