Crystal Communication

Crystal Communication

In 2020 I had a profound energy healing session which opened up my subtle energies even more, I began receiving strong visions and clear messages when using my Medicine Drum – I went to my local crystal store, intrigued by an oracle card I pulled recently of Herkimer Diamond. The store had three Herkimer Diamond crystals, I placed one in my hand and when I closed my eyes I saw through my third eye a large lit up white cross and the word 'telepathy', I shared my experience with the man working in the crystal shop, I told him what I experienced and wondered if I was making it up, he commented 'what's there to make up?', true I thought, why would I make that up and I had no previous context to make up what I received, I was definitely intrigued and felt a strong sense of connection with the Herkimer Diamond so I bought it.

That was the beginning of my connection and healing crystal experience with Herkimer Diamond, my first conscience crystal communication experienced which continued to deepen as I practised listening to crystals.

When I quiet my mind and close my eyes crystals show me how they work with us, what they do, what they support, I've received incredibly beautiful messages for their general purpose and personal purposes – I offer these crystal readings as an add on for any purchases made in this store, simply select 'personalised crystal reading', send me a photo and the full birth name (as written on the birth certificate of the being you want the reading for) and I'll write up the message the crystal wants to share with the being it is to work with and support.

I view crystals as a form of Ancestor energy: wise, unconditional, powerful and caring – I believe they are here to be discovered and offer support to humans and animals to evolve amongst our experiences here on Earth, they amplify our energy fields, our light and thus our impact.

I started selling crystal jewelry so more beings can experience the healing properties of crystals, whether someone is aware of the crystal healing powers and subtle energies of crystals or not, does not matter, simply admiring their beauty and being willing to have them in our space is what matters. In time we may open more and more to the subtle energies of crystals and understand more of their crystal healing powers, what ever stage you are on in life, simply enjoying the beauty of crystals and crystal jewelry is where connecting with crystals start.

My advice for choosing the right crystal is to trust yourself, trust in your attraction, what catches your attention or eye, crystals that stand out to you the most are the ones that want to work with you! When choosing a crystal for another person hold that person in your mind, have the intention to find a crystal that serves their Highest Good or their healing and pay attention to the crystal/s that stand out to you the most.

If you have any questions please e-mail me

All my love, Sarah Elizabeth

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