In some moments we have our world under control, and in others we do not. Learning that it is all okay to not have everything constantly under control, to surrender to change, surrender to the feeling of not knowing our direction in every moment, to surrender to a greater force (us on a higher level, beyond our conscious mind and physical body), is part of learning the art of living.

I woke up the other morning and felt like my world was getting shattered, I felt deeply homesick for Australia, my fifth week of my overseas travels had me feeling worn me out, I missed my dog, my lover, my comfort zone, even my local cafes and food. I was so looking forward to returning home, but then I got news that the home I had been longing to return to had changed, my studio was not available anymore, my lover was busy, in a way I felt I would not fit in where I so wanted to be, I felt lost, unwanted and frightened of the change ahead, when all I craved was comfort and familiarity. So, I cried, and cried some more. I felt sad, I felt lost, I felt exhausted. The unknown worried me. I recognised that I felt sad and allowed myself to cry, because sometimes our tears clean our eyes so we can see things clearer and brighter than before… I took myself to the sea, had a swim which always refreshes me, sat in Nature with a similar soul, opened myself up rather than shutting myself down… and as my sadness passed I started seeing beauty and feeling inspired by life once again.

There is nothing wrong with feeling sad, but it is beneficial for us to contemplate and understand why we feel sad, gaining clarity in why, gives us an awareness which allows us to then adjust ourselves in order to create the needed change, whether that is our mindset, or a physical action - usually it is our mindset, how we are thinking about something/someone, which then creates our emotions. I feel it is also important to express all emotions that we feel (mindfully, not directing them at anyone, including ourself, simply finding ways to express them and allow them to move through us) and then finding a way to soothe ourselves (mine was a swim in the sea and time observing Nature with a like-minded soul), once soothed we see clearer and setting new intentions for change becomes effortless, whether that is simply adjusting our mindset, or setting new desires to manifest in our physical reality.

By acknowledging, expressing and releasing our emotions, we honour our humanness, our gift of being on this planet that is ruled by polarities and sensations, we do not have to stay stuck in one emotion, we choose which emotions we experience more of by the direction of our thoughts.

If you are not feeling okay, my advice is to jump off social media, give yourself a break, go out into Nature, allow Her to soothe you and show you the beauty that exists even in those dark moments. See if a friend is willing to come with you, otherwise enjoy the power of spending time alone (all-one).

Friends (also our spirit guides and angels if you believe in these), can comfort us and help us gain clarity through contemplation and reflection, but they cannot fix us, or create change for us, nor should they. We have to learn to do the work ourselves, empower ourselves and honour that we are our own life creator, the work is always up to us. In saying that, it is always a beautiful experience to see a friend’s effort in comforting us, or simply making themselves available for us in times we are not our brightest.

I want more people to know that feeling sad is okay, even normal, the main concern is in understanding why we feel sad, and learning to either allow it to pass, or do the work to create the change. Someone who feels sadness has nothing wrong with them, someone who feels nothing is missing the beauty of this human experience, this world is ruled by polarities, and our key or learning to live a wonderful life, is in learning how to express and move through our emotions, how to release attachment to how we think our life should be, and allow ourselves to enjoy the ride!

Wishing everyone a moment of deep clarity, of love, and gratitude for all that we feel and all that we are doing, together, in this life.