The purpose of this site is to empower the women, by restoring balance, sharing stories and concepts that help each other gain clarity of ourselves and our limitless possibilities. Through revealing true beauty and power that goes beyond what has lay predominantly dormant, until now, in the feminine of Western Culture.

When we understand ourselves, see the whole version of ourselves, gain clarity, trust our inner knowing, and real-eyes that divinity is within us, we simultaneously heal and empower ourselves.

There is great joy and beauty to be experienced in this human life, the more we understand ourselves and this planet, the better we become at manifesting our desires, instead of our fears and worries.

By connecting spirit with matter, learning all of our naviagtion systems, mind, body and soul, we restore balance and empower ourselves to live a joyful life: as above, so below.



This space intends to offer information and inspiration for women to be all they desire to be, I want more women to feel loved, confident, understand more about their power, gifts and endless possibilities. I want women to feel free. I want women to glow, and thrive, I want them to raise incredible humans (their own and/or other’s) that are in tune with themselves and the natural cycles of this planet. I am excited to see more of a collective shift in human health, and our planet. Vibrant health is our natural state, and our birth right, we should allow ourselves the option to thrive.




My inspiration in this life is around understanding Divine Femininity and Sacred Sexuality, my gift is to flood the world with insights into what a gift it is to be human - SEV.

It is said that we pre-choose our name, in order to know why we chose to incarnate in this life. As I entered my Saturn Return (approximately age 27), my world as I knew it got shattered, it broke me and everything I knew and thought about myself, and my future to pieces! Thankfully at the time I knew how to read symbolic messages. Continuous messages told me that the happenings were to do with a big change, and transformation in order to align me with my Soul Path, and allow more of my Spirit to shine through - I was also told the events were a dark blessing in disguise. The messages were true, the breaking caused me to ask myself deeper questions about life, about myself, about my sexuality, and through the asking, the clarity started flooding through, I learnt how to move myself out of my mind and into my heart, I learnt some of the tools that help me experience life beyond my five senses, and I started to realise my Soul Values, as opposed to my conditioned values. This was the beginning of learning my Truths, and calling forth more clarity on Truths that empower women to be all that that can be.

My full birth name, Sarah Elizabeth Vosper, tells me that my Soul Purpose / Path is to flood the world with insights of our blessings, the gifts of being human, to not fear the polarities of this Earth and ourselves. My Saturn Return journey helped me gain wisdom through experience, that aligned me with my Higher Self (soul) and Soul Path, by creating this website I have decided to step more into my power and share my gifts with those that are wanting them.

I am not here for everybody and I have no intention to force any beliefs upon anyone, I am here to share my ideas with those who are asking questions and searching for information that I bring forth.

If you find the information on this website helpful, and feel inspired to send through a donation to help support myself and the work here, please send via paypal to sarah@sarahelizabethvosper.com

(all offers are deeply appreciated, and celebrated, thank you!)