Child, because we are continuously learning and growing, we may evolve through multiple cycles of adulthood, become a wise elder, but in comparison to the vast wisdom and innate Spiritual intelligence of Mother Earth, we are a child, Her child. This knowing honours the intelligence of Earth, honours her wellbeing with our own and calls upon the tools to commune with her, to learn her wisdom within ourselves. It acknowledges the intricate connection we have with all elements of Earth and Her natural cycles.


Our natural state is love, Nature is said to vibrate at the energetic frequency of love, that is why time alone (alone in order to be present) in Nature is so healing physically, mentally, emotionally and Spiritually. Made of love is a reminder of our Natural state, a call back home, a check in for each of our thoughts, actions and intentions – for ourselves and others. It is a reminder of our power, connection, beauty, wild sides, naturalness, compassionate nature, and our connection to Truth.

Love is how we feel when we are balanced and expressing ourselves from our naturalness, our Spirit (heart space), with our feet planted firmly amongst the Earth, willingly indulging in all of the Earthly sensations.



Child of the Earth, Made of Love has been created in order to remind us of our natural state aligned with vibrant health, peace, harmony and love, as well as the importance of the ‘whole’ codes that Nature offers us, through her plants – food, scents, medicines, tools. It is here as a tool for guidance, a tool that connects energy from the stars (Spirit) deep into the core of the Earth, and raising energy from deep in the core of the Earth, up into the stars, sharing and connecting the wisdom that then binds together in the heart space, in order to emit and clearly communicate wisdom for our collective wellbeing and Highest Good.

The purpose of this site is to empower women, by restoring balance, sharing stories and concepts that help each other gain clarity of ourselves and our limitless possibilities. Through revealing tools that empower us in our bodies, minds and emotions, that awakens what has lay dormant until now, in The Feminine of Western Culture.

When we understand ourselves, see the whole version of ourselves, gain clarity, trust our guidance system, and can see ourselves through the eyes of Spirit (Higher Perspective), we simultaneously heal and empower ourselves to enjoy more of life and this beauty-full human experience.

There is great joy and beauty to be experienced in this human life, the more we understand ourselves and this planet, the better we become at creating our dreams and desires, instead of our fears and worries.



I want more women to feel loved, confident, understand more about their power, gifts and endless possibilities. I want women to feel free. I want women to glow, and thrive, I want them to raise incredible humans (their own and/or others’) that are in tune with themselves and the natural cycles of this planet. I am excited to see more of a collective shift in human health, and our planet, aligned with vitality and harmony.

By balancing the feminine and masculine energies within, as well as uniting our mind, body and soul, while honouring that we are here to be and express ourselves as a woman, we restore balance and empower ourselves to live a harmonious, magical life: as above, so below.